Oil and Gas Virtual Summit

oil and gas virtual summit

Oil and gas is an interesting industry, and the sector provides huge business opportunities. One of the key issues is the opaque nature of the sector. Information about available oil and gas business opportunities is usually scarce, and this is where attending or being part of an oil and gas virtual summit comes in.

In today’s world, working remotely or from home is a common thing. It is possible that you have used virtual platforms to engage with friends, colleagues or business partners from different parts of the world.

Virtual solutions are making it easy for oil and gas professionals or business leaders to engage from the comfort of their homes or virtual offices.

The idea to start the oil and gas virtual summit came out of the global travel restrictions. I strongly believe that it is possible for entrepreneurs and business leaders to continue engaging, even without physical meetings.

I know you might be wondering what oil and gas virtual summit is all about. This is something I cover in this article.

What is Oil and Gas Virtual Summit?

Oil and gas virtual summit is an online event, aimed at providing entrepreneurs, business leaders and professionals in the oil and gas sector with an opportunity to engage virtually.

This event brings together leaders, to discuss various key topics and issues affecting the oil and gas industry.

Sharing information and providing thought leadership in times of crisis or difficult times is a major objective of this virtual event.

If you are keen in the industry, you are witnessing a shift from physical events to oil and gas virtual events.

Role or Purpose of Oil and Gas Virtual Summit

Putting together an event takes time and resources. If you are an event organizer, or want to organize an oil and gas event, you should have some basics in place.

You should be clear on why you are hosting an oil and gas virtual summit. The role or purpose of the virtual event is very important. It gives you clarity on the goals you must achieve.

The role of the oil and gas virtual summit includes;

  • Bring oil and gas business leaders together.
  • Provide a platform for discussions.
  • Marketing and promotion of products or services.
  • It is a networking opportunity for businesses.

How to Participate in a Virtual Summit or Conference

It is important for your business or career to consider attending seminars, workshops, conferences and summits in your industry.

There is value in participating in oil and gas summits or conferences.

These are the top five reasons you should be of the oil and gas virtual summit;

  1. Register as a delegate.
  2. Submit your interest if you want to speak or join a panel.
  3. Ensure you have access to the internet.
  4. Confirm your login details.
  5. Join the virtual summit online.

Being a virtual event, this summit provides you with an opportunity to access the sessions from any location in the world.

You can also participate in the oil and gas virtual summit as a sponsor or an exhibitor.

Your company will get an opportunity to showcase the products or services you provide.

This is one of the ways organizations are able to generate business leads from being part of a virtual summit or conference.

Topics to Cover in the Oil and Gas Summit

Hosting a successful virtual event depends on the topic of that you are going to cover.

In putting together the oil and gas virtual summit, I am usually very careful to ensure we have topics that matter to the audience.

It is important to consider the issues affecting the oil and gas industry, as well as key concerns of the petroleum sector.

For example, you can have a topic on oil and gas global prices, upcoming oil and gas projects, legal and fiscal regimes across the industry and local content.

Speakers at the Oil and Gas Virtual Summit

Having the right kind of speakers at an event is part of the process towards creating value to the audience.

Oil and gas virtual summit has hosted some of the best and great business leaders in the oil and gas industry.

These oil and gas leaders include;

  • Rudolf Huber, President, LNG Europe.
  • Jasper Peijs, VP – Africa Exploration, BP
  • Sean Wilcock, VP, MGB Oilfield Services Inc.
  • Paul Eardley-Taylor, Head-Oil and Gas, Standard Bank.
  • Nicole R. Braley; VP-Marketing, Wood Mackenzie.
  • Dr Carole Nakhle, CEO, Crystol Energy.
  • Tom Perkins, Director of Projects, Stellar Energy.
  • Ileana I. Ferber, Local Content Manager, ExxonMobil
  • Ayana Mclntosh-Lee, VP Communications, BP

Participating Organization or Companies

I know you might be wondering; which organizations or companies attend and participate in such an event?

It is good you are asking that.

If you are in the oil and gas industry, you will notice that there are various players across the entire value chain.

This means that you have companies in the upstream, midstream and downstream segments of the industry.

The companies that attend the oil and gas virtual summit or conference are drawn from these segments. Also, you have organizations that offer support to the oil and gas industry.

Petroleum industry consists of companies that include;

  • Drilling contractors
  • Exploration and production companies
  • Oilfield services companies.
  • Logistics providers.
  • Finance and insurance services providers.
  • Refining and storage companies.
  • Oil marketing companies.
  • Pipeline and piping companies.
  • Security companies
  • Technology and data organizations.

These are just some of the organizations and companies that are going to be part of this oil and gas virtual event.

How to Organize an Oil and Gas Virtual Summit

How to Host a Virtual Event in Oil and Gas Industry

If you are interested in hosting a virtual event, I would like to share my experience in how you can do it.

Oil and gas events are witnessing a transformation in terms of how you can execute them.

While the physical events would be ideal, the reality is that virtual events are becoming the norm.

From a marketing point of view, your business will save more by attending or participating at a virtual oil and gas event. You will be able to save on travel, accommodation and the time lost going to different cities to attend an event.

This should be good news to the business leaders, and unit leaders in charge of marketing budgets.

It is also possible that you will get more value from the marketing investment you make in a virtual-based event or conference.

Another advantage of oil and gas virtual events is the opportunity it provides to have more people within an organization to attend.

Now, having given you some of the benefits you would get from participating at an oil and gas virtual event, let me give you some ideas of how you can host a virtual event.

  • Decide on the topic and them of your event.
  • Get and secure your speakers.
  • Choose the virtual platform to use.
  • Market the event or invite the people you want to join.
  • Ensure you have internet access and connectivity.
  • Test run the system with your speakers.
  • Host the virtual oil and gas event.

If you do the above, you will be able to host a successful virtual event.

Oil and Gas Networking Events

In business, it is important to create and build networks. It does not matter the segment of the oil and gas industry you are in, networking is of great value.

This is why you should attend and participate at the oil and gas virtual summit. It is one of the oil and gas networking events you should have in your calendar.

Oil and Gas Conferences

There are many oil and gas conferences across the world. You will find them in across all continents.

Any region that produces hydrocarbon resources has a number of oil and gas conferences.

One of the more popular one is the one hosted in Houston, United States of America. Others include in Canada, United Kingdom and Australia among others.

Oil and gas virtual summit is a conference for the petroleum industry sector, hosted virtually, and that brings together business leaders from across the energy capitals.


As you have realized and in conclusion, oil and gas virtual summits are here to stay.

In fact, the future of events is virtual.

You should seek out oil and gas events, conferences or exhibitions that are going to create value to you.

If you run a business or a professional, you will get a lot of value from attending or participating at an oil and gas virtual conference.