How to Promote STEM Education in Oil and Gas

stem education in oil and gas

STEM education in oil and gas industry is an important aspect of continued skill development. It also helps in in preparing and developing people who will join the industry.

Maintaining pupil interest in STEM subjects, especially among girls, is of vital importance to industries like oil and gas.

Most of the skills organisation for the oil and gas industries, believes that common misconceptions and a lack of awareness about careers in the sector are holding back the next generation of STEM talent.

Studies have shown that when young people start secondary school, just as many girls as boys have positive attitudes toward science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects and careers.

From there however this interest wanes, particularly among girls.

For industries like oil and gas which rely on a sustainable pipeline of STEM talent, finding ways to inspire, attract and retain young people’s interests in these critical subjects is an increasingly important part of their work.

Players in the industry work closely with its education partners, academia and parents.

This is with an objective on developing new and exciting concepts to engage with schools, parents and pupils to tackle the sector’s requirements for the future generation.

Stem Education in Oil and Gas Mentorship Programs

Feedback from teachers, career advisors and course tutors has shown that hands-on experience of industries like oil and gas can be invaluable in helping understand how what is delivered in the classroom translates to different careers.

Most have no hands-on experience of working in the oil and gas industry and do not feel confident about explaining to pupils why their learning is relevant to a future in the industry.

Powering the Future Generation

In the UK, there is an initiative by OPITO, which is seeking to increase the understand of teachers, parents and students.

The £1.5 million ‘Powering the Future’ exhibition showcases a series of more than 60 thought provoking interactive exhibits highlighting the innovation and engineering excellence within the industry.

The exhibition will be a focal point of stem in oil and gas education programme acting as a powerful engagement tool to help inform people of the wide range of rewarding careers available within the sector both at home and abroad.