Oil and Gas Job Search – The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Job

oil and gas job search

Oil and gas job search has a life cycle of its own. It starts with the desire to make a move to finding the right job that will contribute to your larger goals in life.

The fact is that job hunting is an anxiety ridden and often lengthy process, always riddled with uncertainty.

But before you pop the champagne, a job search requires a systematic and strategic process of scouting with reasonable time and energy investment.

So how does one go about an oil and gas job search that is productive? Typically, a job search’s lifecycle follows a pattern and best is to be methodical.

Identifying Skills & Interests 

The very first step is to have clarity on the kind of job you want. It means objectively identifying and analysing skills, values and interests if they align with the expectations of the career status targeted.

This helps you to know where you stand and if any additional skill sets or qualifications could make you more competitive.

Developing Oil and Gas Job Search Documents.

This starts with developing a master resume which should be ideally tweaked according to the requirements of specific applications.

It also involves preparing crisp cover letters, engaging personal statements and smart or rather strategic recommendations.

Fine Tuning Online Presence

Your online presence is very important in the job search process, especially in the current era of internet of things.

Be it a social networking site or otherwise, you should be wary of the information – whether textual or visual.

Recruiters nowadays immediately check the online profiles to do background checks even before shortlisting.

So reviewing and fine tuning it is important before resumes are sent out.

Using Online Job Portals

With job and candidate scouting shifting online, it is recommended to register and build profiles with popular job portals.

These help in making your updated profile a personalised experience to the recruiter with the right key words for better visibility.

Using the multitude of online apps and tools for specific needs or instant notifications also helps. They go a long way in pushing your profile amongst the first reviewed in the online abyss of millions.

Oil and Gas Job Search; Network More! 

Networking is the most powerful tool to find a job. The old saying that it is not about what you know but who you know still holds true.

Many job connections are cracked only through personal networking.

With document prep and online presence sorted, it is smart or strategic recommendations through networking that help in getting a foothold in the job door.

Researching on Targeted Jobs 

The desired job will only turn into a reality when you research on the kinds of jobs available that match your identified interests and skills.

You are then supposed to pursue those opportunities with tailor-made resumes and smart or strategic recommendations.

Being Organised

Job seekers often get confused with tracking job applications sent, follow-ups, interview schedules, networking contacts, etc. So organisational systems aided by online tools help.

Just ensure you are organized.

Preps for Interviews & Marketing for Self 

A powerful resume, online technology and networking can only land you an interview.

After that it all depends on how the interview is navigated and self- marketing done. Both require good prep and practice.

Salary Negotiations

The last round often culminates with money talk. Salary and profile offered are the deciding factors to accept or reject a job offer.

Get access to insights and reports to understand trends before salary negotiations. Here, tactfulness pays for a deal to close with an offer letter culminating with its acceptance.


In conclusion, I hope this helps to better understand what you need to do, to search for the job that you want.

So, what kind of jobs are available in the oil and gas sector? I will try to answer this question for you in a separate post later in the week.

However, even if you do not want to work in the oil and gas industry, the above principles apply to any job that you are searching for.