5 Mistakes Derailing Your Oil and Gas Career

oil and gas career mistakes

Oil and gas career mistakes are common among the professionals in the petroleum industry.

Ever felt like you are doing everything right, but just cannot seem to get ahead at work?

You could be making one of these five common mistakes. Networking with peers, missing out on job opportunities, salary negotiations gone bad are some of such mistakes.

Let me help you recognize these habits and keep your ambitions on track.

Ignoring Oil and Gas Networking

You might think keeping your head down and getting your job done is enough, but that is only part of the job. You also need to pay attention to your relationships with your co-workers.

In addition, you also need to keep tabs with other oil and gas professionals.

You can do this by directly seeking them or by attending oil and gas events such as workshops, seminars, social meetings, conferences or exhibitions

In reality, interpersonal relationships matter just as much as job performance. Let networking with peers become a crucial factor in your career success.

Salary Negotiation 

Management is well aware employee salary choices are often tied to personal circumstances, but that does not mean you should ask for an unrealistic figure when you are negotiating.

While it is wise to not ask for an unrealistic raise, it is also advisable to not under value yourself.

Scout through oil and gas information or insights to know the current salary standards in your sub-sector.

Negotiate on a figure which will have a positive effect on you personally, and the company. If you are only focused on how you can help yourself, your career will suffer.

Think of ways you can provide and add value to the oil and gas company you will be or are already working for.

Don’t Miss on Oil and Gas Opportunities

When you are searching for jobs, it is very important to know where to look and tap on current oil and gas job opportunities.

Even if you are not actively looking for a job change, it is sensible to know what is happening in the market.

You would not like to pass on a dream oil and gas opportunity in your dream company, would you?

Oil and Gas Jobs – Lack of Engagement

Keep yourself engaged and busy in your work life. Meet and network with people, recommend peers for assignments if you come across any, take part in office activities, amongst others.

Engagement is taking steps to make things happen instead of waiting for an invitation or opportunity to fall in your lap.

Be consistently proactive in your career. Someone will take notice of your efforts.

Not Dressing to Impress

Whether you like it or not, your appearance matters, so you need to pay attention to your clothes, hair and accessories, and ensure they are appropriate.

When working, you are not just representing yourself, you are also a walking or talking billboard for your company’s brand.

Therefore, take yourself, your professional goals and your company seriously.


As I conclude, let me emphasise that petroleum industry is an industry that is very rewarding. You should consider a career in the sector.

Many oil and gas professionals are poised to retire and exit the workforce. Therefore, oil and gas sector is looking for new employees, and thus opening new oil and gas careers opportunities.

You have probably thought about you should do to get ahead in the oil and gas career. It is as important to also consider what you should not do, too.

We all make mistakes in the workplace at one point or another. However, repeatedly making the same oil and gas career mistakes will decrease your happiness on the job and quality of life.

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